Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tic Toc!

 Time is running out. Can't stop it. We are it's fragile preys who will vanish slowly with a meaning for our lifetime spent in this world.

So Cherrish what's left of your life, because it will fade before you'll know it.

Create as many memories as you want and collect every joy to complete your heart.

Try to find the joy of YOUR lifetime, maybe you'll die happy!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

♠• Y ☆ K Ø S Ø • ♠


Pleased to meet you. I'll introduce myself :

♥Character: Strange, Funny, Unique, Open Minded...
♥Color: Bloody Red.
♥Item: A Black Crossed Scythe.
♥Favorite Food: Ramen, Sushi, Pasta and Cheesecake.
♥Favorite Drink: Monster, Pepsi, Earl Grey Tea and Japanese Tea.


With ♥, Mai.